Crafting digital landscapes through 3D animation, the artist explores the interplay between organic and artificial elements, blurring the lines between body, landscape, the digital realm, and reality. Her work seeks an otherworldly ambiance, often featuring non-human protagonists delving into eco-horror and shadowy storytelling of nature.

From a pixel or a cube, the artist's contemplation evolves into an organic form, centered around the fantasy of replicating and reproducing organic matter in a new pixelated existence. Digital matter takes shape as hollow shells built by pixels, presenting lifelike forms masqueraded from planes and cubes.

Fundamentally, her work delves into the ambivalence and hybrid qualities within technological fantasies and projections imposed by humans onto nature, exploring the illusion of the organic and the meticulously crafted dream of the natural.

Lova Ranung is an artist born in 1994 in Forshaga, Sweden, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.     

BA Fine Art | Goldsmiths, University of London. UK

MA Fine Arts | Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. NL